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Von der internationalen LaLecheLeague in den USA habe ich zusštzlich folgende Information bekommen:

Dear Beate,

I have found some more info for you, taken from the 1999 edition of
Medications and Mothers' Milk, by Thomas Hale, MD.:

Prednisone pages 576-578
"Approved by the AAP for use in breastfeeding mothers.

Prednisone is rapidly absorbed and metablolized to the active form prednisolone. It is known to be secreted into human milk in very small amounts......Based on the data from a patient receiving 80 mg a day, the amount an infant would ingest would be approximagely 10ug/kg, which is only 10% more than endogenous corticosteriod secretion anyway. Introduction of a 4 hour wait following administration would significantly lower risk."
The peak plasma levels occur at 1-2 hours following administration.
Pediatric concerns lists "none reported via breastmilk."


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